设施: A testament to the University’s reverence for creation, the Franciscan Center for Science 而且 Media achieved Gold status for 领导 in Energy 而且 Environmental Design, first in Livonia. A showcase of sustainability, this gorgeous green building houses state-of-the-art television studios 而且 science labs.

技术: Technology permeates 麦当娜’s campus in smart classrooms, all-digital editing suites, mobile learning tools, social networking, 而且 electronic signage.

护理: Since the nursing program’s founding in 1962, more than 4,000 nurses across the coun试一试 call 麦当娜 University their alma mater. Within one year of graduating, 98 percent of students are employed. The nursing simulation labs transform nursing education, bridging theory 而且 practice in patient care.

手语 Studies: The new larger lab provides double the workstations for students practicing 而且 preparing 投资组合. Currently a state interpreter test site, 麦当娜 is poised to become a national test center.

Support services: A student to faculty ratio of 12:1 ensures personal attention in small classes. 数百 of students receive additional tutoring through the Center for Personalized Instruction, Writing Center, 而且 Office of Disability 资源.

教育al access: True to its mission of making a college education accessible, 麦当娜 has outreach 中心 盖洛德, Dearborn, Macomb, 而且 Southfield.

负担得起的: More than 85 percent of the student body receives scholarships 而且 grants.

Teacher education: 麦当娜’s teacher education program has earned exemplary status from the Michigan Department of 教育 since the inception of state rankings. 麦当娜 graduates enjoy a passing rate of more than 90 percent on the certification test taken on the first 试一试.

Unique programs: 麦当娜 University pioneers programs such as sign language studies (first bachelor’s degree in the coun试一试) 而且 hospice education (only formal program of its kind in the U.S. at the bachelor’s 而且 master’s level.) Other notable programs include: gerontology (the first 而且 only independent department of gerontology at a Michigan university), broadcast 而且 cinema arts, sport management, emergency management, clinical laboratory science, forensic science, 而且 environmental science.

Community engagement: Students at 麦当娜 incorporate community service with civic learning to gain experiences beyond the classroom, volunteering more than 27,000 hours each year from Detroit to South Carolina to Latin America. 麦当娜 was the first private university in Michigan to be awarded the Community Engagement Classification by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The University has been named to the President’s Higher 教育 Community Service Honor Roll since 2006.

国际 outreach: In addition to study abroad opportunities, 麦当娜 offers thriving business degree programs in China 而且 Dubai 而且 boasts the first distance learning degree completion program in business leadership in Haiti.

Student success: Student achievement is recognized locally 而且 nationally with awards from the American Red Cross, Michigan Campus Compact, the State Dept. of 教育, 而且 others. 麦当娜 alumni compose a veritable “who’s who” of authors, business owners, executives, religious leaders, doctors, lawyers, hospital 而且 school administrators, fire chiefs, police chiefs (more than 80), nurses, artists, 而且 teachers.

Scholar-athletes: An NAIA Champions of Character athletics program features 19 men’s 而且 women’s sports. The Crusaders have accrued 77 conference championships, made 28 NAIA national tournaments 而且 3 NAIA Final Four appearances, 而且 had 202 students achieve All-time NAIA National Scholar Athlete honors. The new athletic complex is home to the soccer, softball, 而且 baseball programs.